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A Brief Look at the Reading Festival from One of Our Visitors

3 days of music catering for an audience mainly between 16-25 years of age.

3 stages with a full itinerary of music and a fourth tent dedicated to a Comedy Stage.

2 short heavy down pours, great performances and a good vibe at the fun fair weekend.

Historically Reading has never let anyone down on the music front and 2002 was no exception.

SPUNGE have built a huge following through constant touring over the last 4 years. Jeremy 'Gem' King hit the Concrete Jungle Stage with SPUNGE and everybody went berserk with teen energy and enthusiasm, singing the words to all the songs drowning the spillage of sound from the Main Stage - definitely a UK hit.

Live SABIAN cymbal set-up:
13" HH Fusion Hats
15" AAX Studio Crash
18" AAX Metal Crash
20" AA Rock Ride
14" AAX Chinese
10" HH Splash

THE COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE are one of a handful of new British bands who are shaking up the British music scene and suggesting a new beginning for a generation of UK acts. Jon Harper and T.C.T.C. wowed die hard fans on the Evening Session Stage and their performance definitely warrants their deserved award Best New British Band" for 2002 at the recent Kerrang awards.

REEL BIG FISH hit the Evening Session Stage and after some hard touring are rapidly building a huge fan base. This U.S. band, known for their pogo-tastic music and their cover of A-Ha's "Take On Me", Reel Big Fish are the band most likely to continue the rise of ska-punk as we wait for their breakthrough success in 2003.
Drummer: Carlos De La Ganza

HAVEN'S Drummer, Jack Mitchell Haven (Evening Session Stage), whose signature was fought over at the close of last year, "Say Something" single recently gave them their first Top 30 hit. 
Live SABIAN cymbal set-up:
22" AAX Metal Ride
13" HH Fusion Hats
16" HH Medium Crash
18" HH Medium Crash
19" HH Medium Thin Crash

ANDREW WK burst onto the music scene with his brand of extreme rock and was propelled by a photo featuring the man himself with a self-inflicted nose bleed. "Party Hard" was the single and "I Get Wet" was the album both scored highly with music critics.

Drummer, Donald Tardy hit the Main Stage and laid down solid rock grooves and played his heart out at the Reading Festival.

The former drummer from Obituary from the death metal scene in Florida, shows no sign of slowing down after being introduced to Andrew WK's gruelling tour schedule which began in May 2002 and presently set to end at the end of October.
When asked which were his favourite cymbals his response was "AAXplosions are just killer, man."

The first appearance at The Carling Weekend at the Reading and Leeds Festivals for the multi-million selling Californians, INCUBUS and a real contender for the band most likely to break even bigger this year after their performances. Jose Pasillas and the band hit the Main Stage and chilled a wild audience with their brand of modern day rock melodies with songs like "Wish You Were Here", "Drive" and of course, "Are You In".

Newly signed endorser, Troy Marshall and KENNEDY SOUNDTRACK take to the Carling Stage for a 30 minute compact energy driven set. This rock/rap outfit with attitude and a vibrant presence has all the makings of success written all over them.

Live SABIAN cymbal set-up:
20" Pro Sonix Ride
18" Pro Sonix Crash
16" Pro Sonix Crash
14" Pro Sonix Hats
18" Pro Chinese
10" Pro Sonix Splash

Gordon Morrison and RAGING SPEEDHORN could only have been borne out of the frustrations of U.K. small town life in Corby Northants. They opened up their set on the Main Stage with a dual vocal assault of sound and fury sending their fans into a frenzy and kick off the days' events on the Main Stage - an explosive performance and who would have thought they would appear at the Carling Weekend festivals.

Live SABIAN cymbal set-up:
22" HH Power Bell Ride
20" AAX Metal Crash
20" AA Crash/Ride
14" AAX Metal Hats
18" AAX Chinese

Ben Daniels JESSE JAMES (Concrete Jungle Stage), caused a stir in Nu-Ska/Punk scene slowly growing in the U.K. with their EP "Shoes". The place was jumping with their brand of U.S./U.K. Nu-Ska/Punk and a compact 30 minute set was enough to show that this band could cut it 'live'.

Guests, Jason Bowld PITCHSHIFTER and Jammer Airns MURDER ONE found in the Main Stage guest hospitality enclosure.


[Thanks to Jerome Marcus for providing this feature article]

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