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Matt Ingram - …And It’s Goodnight From Him.

This friends, will be the last of my regular writings on for the foreseeable future. Now before you all gather in a large pitch-fork wielding group and descend upon MD-HQ like some crazed mob, let me just explain why:

I’ve now written fifteen of these articles and in recent efforts I feel like I’ve started to repeat points I’ve made previously. In order that I don’t turn into the journalistic equivalent of that guy on his own at the end of the bar who is forever rerunning the same tired anecdote (usually involving the gain and subsequent loss of an unlikely beauty) I shall take a break and emerge when I have something new and/or meaningful to say.

Writing these articles has been a very interesting process for me personally, as it has made me assess my thoughts on some of the more fluid concepts in music.

In our development as players I think a lot of us look for certainties: here’s this lick, this sticking,  this tuning, etc. However the deeper I get into the process of drumming the more I realise that such “certainties” are actually an illusion because, and this is I feel is the main point, as soon as we put our instrument into it’s functional context as an accompanying instrument, everything we think we know goes out of the window!

On our own, in our practise room, on our virtual pedestals of YouTube and Instagram we can (and should) play whatever the hell we like. However as soon as we put what we do within the wider framework of music, adjustments need to be made that are beyond sticking and b.p.m. I think of music as a living, breathing and constantly evolving organism of which I am a small part. If I am to stay relevant and on top of my game, I need to change with it. Individually we might have an idea of how we go about our jobs but music happens in the space between individuals. If we are to be successful as musicians we must engage in what is happening outside of our own heads. Drumming for drumming’s sake is really of no interest to me and serves no purpose to my role as a guy who makes a living from playing on other peoples songs.

If any of you wish to read the entire back-catalogue of articles they are all available to view at Alternatively, if you feel that this is a complete waste of your valuable time I have condensed the main points of all fifteen articles into this handy list, which I shall call The Dos and Don’ts of Functional Professional Drumming. A sexy title I’m sure you’ll agree…

The Dos and Don’ts of Functional Professional Drumming -

DO -



Be a dick.

That’s all from me. Until we next meet friends…

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