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From The Frontline - Myke Heath Blog - May 2016

Hello once again! How are we? Hope you are all keeping busy and doing lotís of drumming. Iím trying my best to keep a pair of drumsticks in my hands as much as possible but not always easy, is it?

I took a last minute depping gig with a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band and Iíve had the odd rehearsal here and there but itís been a very casual month for me again drumming wise. Iíve been working on my own music a little bit, whilst indulging in domestic pleasures such as hanging pictures around the house and building pallet furniture. My life generally sitís somewhere very neatly between rock star and housewife, but recently itís definitely tilted more towards housewife.

Itís all good though; it inspires my playing in the end. Whatever happens day-to-day, good or bad it all filters into how we play the drums, donít you think? My wife and me have also made a bit of an investment in the form of a van. Between the two of us we have to share one vehicle and due to the way we both have to move heavy equipment around (sheís a personal trainer) we end up with quite a few issues with a regular car that hopefully we wonít have with a van.† †

For the depping gig with Funky Munks who are a RHCP tribute band I had to borrow my Dadís car. Luckily he didnít need it over that weekend so he was more than happy to lend it to me. I had four days to learn 25 songs and then play with the band on the night of the gig without any prior rehearsal. It was nerve wracking for the 48 hours leading up to the show, but I did my homework and I think by and large I got away with it. It was interesting to spend a bit of time studying Chad Smith because heís a drummer I really like, but I havenít really analysed what he does or tried applying it to my own drumming before. Itís certainly made me re-evaluate my approach in some areas and to think a little more about the feel and flow of my playing. He makes it look easy but it really isnít!

As it turned out we spent quite a bit of time on stage jamming and improvising, which was great fun. Due to the slightly deflating irony of the crowd not really being into The Red Hot Chili Peppers we ended up playing some disco and some funk stuff and an impromptu version of the Spice Girls song Wannabe to which I nearly fell off drum stool laughing afterwards when the other guys on stage turned to me and asked ďDid that really just happen?!Ē I was laughing too hard to reply. If Iím being completely honest my main reason for taking the gig was that the money was good and I couldnít really turn it down. In the end though it was actually a good shake up for me and took me out of my comfort zone and thatís something I havenít done for quite some time.

On the 3am drive home I was sitting in the car feeling proud that I had made it through the gig and thinking to myself how much I really enjoyed playing that night, and how enjoyable driving my dads car was when all of a sudden there was an almighty BANG! and I knew something was up. Turned out that the car had shed itís exhaust just as I was coming off the dual carriageway.Cue a very noisy and awkward drive in through the cul-de-sac I live in.

I hope I donít sound like a snob because I actually really enjoy playing covers at pub gigs but itís just something Iíve put on the back burner for the last few years. However, I would like to do more of it again, and in the right places with the right people itís a good earner as well as having the potential to send you on a voyage of self discovery.Iíve consciously shifted myself towards playing original music because I figured that the younger I am the easier it is to do so and to play in a covers band would be something I do once Iíve had a good go at trying to become a handsome, well paid rock star. Iím 100% certain that I will never stop wanting to play live music, but Iím sure at some point Iíll have to face the reality that itís covers in a local pub thatís going to keep me behind a kit in front of an audience. Thatís far better to me than just playing on my own to an iPod playlist, and even though thatís also something Iím more than happy to do, the inner show off in me needs regular public attention. If I get my act together a bit with that side of things hopefully Iíll be doing a few more of those kinds of gigs.

If you get the opportunity to go though any of the forum posts Iíve just posted up a general discussion about this blog ''Myke Heath...Ideas/Suggestions'' and Iím just after a bit of feedback really on ways I can improve the blog and maybe kick around some other ideas to expand it a little bit. If you donít already make use of the various forums on this website itís well worth doing. There is a brilliant community of drummers covering all kinds of subjects (mostly drum related) and although I donít post much on there myself I go through the different threads on a fairly regular basis and there is always loads of really cool stuff to read.

Until next time, keep on drumming!

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